I'm Val!

& I would seriously love to be your photographer. I don't take what i do lightly. trust me, i will put my heart into capturing yours.

OKAY SO FIRST OFF.. I'm a photographer for ALL.

I believe that there is no "ideal client" for me to work with aside from one that respects me and is willing to trust my vision. I'm a young creative woman in the industry that's pushed herself to grow from experiences of all different kinds to get me to this point.

I'm the daughter of an immigrant and living my own version of the "American Dream". El Paso born and raised, I always thought I would finish college and get a job that I studied for and that I would be set. During college, I had several events happen in my life that pushed me to follow my passion. I've been photographing for 6 years and wanted more. I'm living my dream thanks to all the amazing people who put their trust in me to capture their moments.

My main priority is to make my clients feel as comfortable to themselves in front of my camera. I would describe my method of working as easy-going and constantly guiding my clients through everything. Everything from throughout the planning process and the actual day of the session to final photo delivery.

Some of my favorites things to do aside from being behind the camera include exploring nature, traveling to new places, painting/practicing other forms of art, spending time with my loved ones, and long drives through beautiful sceneries. I'm lucky enough to say my wonderful job helps me keep close to all of those things.


Why take photos? Why invest in a session?

Photographs play an important role in everyone's life – they connect us to our past, they remind us of people, places, feelings, and stories. They can help us to know who we are. Photography enables us to freeze time so that we may remember, at some future point, what things seemed like now. And If you don’t realize the beauty of it now, I hope you’ll realize it once you see your photos taken by me.

How It'll Go

How will our session be?

I know how you might feel- nervous, anxious, & unsure of how it's gonna go down. But! I'm here to let you know I'm human and feel all of those emotions to. That's why I let my sessions flow as smooth and lifestyle-like as possible. I want to capture natural and real moments along with guided posing that'll feel just as natural. I promise I'm not the type of photographer that'll make you stay in a tilted head stiff pose for 20 minutes haha. But I also won't leave you hanging, I'm hear to help and guide you to get our uniquely beautiful shots. My main priority is to make you feel comfortable.

How Do I Book?

Ready to book- here's how

Yay! Now that you're prepared and informed, the next step is to reach out to me to book. Booking is done directly between me and you. Scroll below and click the button to fill out an inquiry form!

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